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Since making its first appearance on the beaches of Brazil and Southern California in 1998, Vix Swimwear has swept the fashion world and is now sought out by international superstars and design conscious beach goers everywhere. This brand combines function with sophistication to create the most alluring swimwear on the market. This is the reason why many women prefer Vix Swimwear Boca Raton when it comes to swimwear.

What is the history behind the successful Vix Swimwear Boca Raton brand? Paula Hermanny is the driving force behind this company. She grew up on the Brazilian beaches and was surrounded by the world's most glamorous people from an early age. She moved to Southern California in the nineties. It was there that she found her calling when she noticed a distinct need for chic, high fashion swimwear on the beaches of So. California.

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What makes the Vix brand unique? Paula Hermanny, with her fine eye for detailing, created the first Brazil cut bikinis with gemstone, gold and delicate embroidery accents. She chose only the best materials available and combined them with impeccable design, with sacrificing functionality. This was how she began her business and she has never lowered her standards. Now, women all over the world are after this top swimwear brand because of the exquisite details that go into every bikini.

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